What is a Green Witch?

Perhaps Arin Murphy-Hiscock said it best in her book, The Way of the Green Witch, which I recommend to anyone who is looking to learn more about Green Witchcraft:

 “The way of the green is the path of the naturalist, the herbalist, the wisewoman, and the healer. The gifts of the natural world are many, but those who embrace them are comparatively few in today’s world.”

“Green witchcraft is not Wicca. Wicca currently enjoys great popularity as an earth-wise spiritual path, and as a result many of those who honor nature assume they are Wiccan. Not so. Wicca is a formal, structured religion which sets out certain tenets and moral guidelines and whose followers celebrate certain rituals in certain ways. Green witchcraft is a non-structured, flexible practice that has no set holidays and no compulsory rituals. The green witch is adaptable to her individual strengths and talents and the energies and supplies native to her geographical locale.”

“Like kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft emphasizes practicality and everyday activity. There are no special words, no unique prayers, no uniforms, no holy texts, no obligatory tools, and no specific holidays…unless you create them for yourself…it recognizes the sacred in everyday life.”

Learn more about and buy this book here.

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