Seasonal-Winter-Kissing-a-reindeer-240x300When I was a wee lass of just 13, I started to understand the connection that all beings have to the natural world. I became a vegetarian (now vegan) and started studying the healing powers of nature.

Today, I am a Witch and am studying Druidry. You can learn more about what that means, here and here. I am not Wiccan, however, I do embrace some aspects of Wicca.

For me, Witchcraft is more intuition based and I rely on following my heart and the natural rhythms of the Earth and her inhabitants. In the beginning I wasn’t really sure where I fit into the pagan world, as I wasn’t purely Wiccan, Druid, or completely devoted to other nature-based religions. I started down my own solitary path of Green Witchery and never turned back.

For years I have been weaving my magic for personal transformation and to help the planet and others. I started this blog in the hopes to inspire others who want become empowered by adding a little Witchery to their lives by living cleaner, greener, and in balance with Nature.


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